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5 tips to make yourself heard

Many women are reluctant to speak up in meetings and it’s a problem I encounter with even executive-level women.Why is this the case? It’s certainly not for any lack ambition.

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Don’t hit the snooze button – successful morning habits

A POSITIVE morning routine is something many of the world’s successful people have in common.

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Why you need a sponsor

So you have a mentor – but who is your sponsor? Many candidates enrolling in our leadership development programs don’t yet understand the difference – nor why sponsors are so critical to advancement. And yet, asked how they acquired their last two promotions, most say it’s because someone advocated for them.  

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Playing the game of office politics

In a country that’s seen five prime ministers in less than ten years, Australians understand better than some that only the most successful political players survive. But politicking is far from the sole preserve of polices in Canberra; it’s the everyday reality of professional life.

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Stand up and be seen

A big question for many workers is, “Self-promoting makes me cringe, so how do I make my value visible?” No one likes an office braggart, but you can’t keep working incredibly hard hoping effort alone will pay off in the long run.

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Optimism and energy

Though some people swear by Weetbix, many business leaders suggest the secret to their success is eating optimism for breakfast. But it’s not blind positivity – it’s about the importance of owning your own attitude.

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Mid- career blues? Time to take a risk

Mid-career was traditionally treacherous for female executives as the demands of family encroached. But if a long career can be likened to a marathon, then mid-career fatigue should be on everyone’s radar. As more men than ever before share the family load, how do mid-careerists push through the pain, get a second wind and triumph?

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Danger can create opportunities

We know that taking risks and embracing change are instrumental to career success, but what happens if your company is risk-taking as well? In my experience, a high-growth business is an exciting place to be – a little danger creates opportunities and drives outcomes – but what’s it like leading one, and as a female CEO at that?

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Silence you inner critic

Ever feel like your achievements are a fluke, or that you’re one conversation away from being outed as a fraud?  Well, you’re not alone. Welcome to imposter syndrome, an affliction affecting a great many of us.

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Importance of strategic networks

High performing executives promote the benefits of networking because they know it makes a difference in their careers. I’m certain most professionals agree, so why are some women reluctant to network, and is it really harder for females?

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Put gender on the agenda

Australian women have had the right to vote for more than a century, yet are still significantly under-represented in our nation’s decision-making.

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Cultivate your personal brand

GLOBAL icons like Apple and Nike aren’t the only ones to benefit from a strong brand. Just as corporate giants leverage their reputation to stand out in a competitive market, we can reap great rewards from nurturing our own personal brand.

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Making a case for a pay increase – start with a clear reason

For many people, asking for a pay rise is up there with the most awkward conversations to have with your manager. Women can be particularly reticent about asking for more money, with just one in five likely to ask for an increase, versus one in three men, according to a recent survey by comparison site, Finder.

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True grit: the qualities of a successful leader

2018 has been a trying year across many industries. As budgets are reigned in, performance expectations are stepped up, companies are restructured and outsourcing becomes the norm, it has been a make or break year for many businesses and individuals.

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Women get mentored, men get sponsored

What do men do to get promoted that women don’t?

With all the organisational mentoring women receive, why are they still missing out on promotions? And why does mentoring help advance men more than women ….

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Make yourself visible

Putting the extra yards in at work doesn’t always translate to instant rewards and recognition. As Gillian Fox writes, you need to make your value known in order to land a promotion, or move on to the next big thing.

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How to get a promotion

Women all around the world are constantly told that if they have a successful career they will have to sacrifice a full home life. This is not true. This is a sexist myth, and something that Gillian Fox blows apart in her new six-month Women’s Career Advancement Program – a leadership training program with a special focus on personal coaching.

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3 steps to a modern career plan

How do you plan your career at a time when job titles and duties are constantly changing, and technology is shifting entire industries? Gillian Fox says the old rules of career planning no longer apply. She outlines the three steps for defining a vision for your future that’s adaptable and dynamic, using a ‘Modern Career Plan’.

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