I don’t know about you, but 2023 has gone by in the blink of an eye! As the year draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past twelve months and celebrate your achievements, both big and small. The end of the year is an opportunity to take stock of your career, identify moments that have fueled your passion and drive, acknowledge your standout achievements, and express gratitude to those who have supported you.

Here are my personal practices for closing the year on a sparkling high note:

1. Reflect on Moments that Ignited Your Passion

We’ve all had those lightning-in-a-bottle moments, haven’t we? Those instances where time stood still because we were doing something we utterly loved. I had one such moment last week when a participant from our RISE Elite Program shared how our sessions completely transformed her career path, resulting in a major promotion. Reflecting on these moments isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s about understanding what sets your soul on fire at work. So, ponder on this:

  • When did I feel most alive in my work this year?
  • What projects had me so engrossed, time just zipped by?
  • When did I feel like I was truly in my element, doing what I was meant to do?

Pinpointing these instances can reignite your passion and guide your career journey moving forward.

2. Toast To Your Triumphs

Something that I’ve learnt is that it’s okay to celebrate yourself – and celebrate often! Whether it’s signing a new client or completing a new accreditation, every achievement is worth celebrating.

The fact is, women are notoriously tough on themselves, and the idea of celebrating their successes doesn’t always come naturally. Take a moment to acknowledge your accomplishments, no matter how big or small. Consider the impact of your work and why it mattered, both to you and to those around you. This self-recognition can boost your confidence and motivation moving into the year ahead. It’s something I discuss in Episode 16 of the Your Brilliant Career Podcast: How To Be Proud Of Yourselfwhere I share the real power of being truly PROUD of yourself… and what that can do for you and your career.

3. Pinpoint Your Superpowers

Now, let’s talk superpowers – and I’m not referring to the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I mean those innate talents that make you, well, you. For instance, maybe your analytical skills have saved the day? Perhaps your empathetic listening turned a tricky client conversation around? Reflecting on these gems and knowing how to wield them effectively is like holding a roadmap to your future successes. Shine a light on these talents and watch how they guide you to even greater achievements.

4. Give Thanks Where It’s Due

Ending the year on a high isn’t just about self-reflection; it’s also about showing appreciation for those who have supported you throughout the year. I know in my own career, I’ve had an endless stream of supporters and champions every step of the way, from my own mother helping me juggle looking after my son between meetings, to my many mentors and sponsors who have helped me rise the ranks throughout my career. After all, we do rely on many people around us along the way. Reach out to the people who have been your pillars of strength, whether it’s your colleagues, mentors, or friends. End the year by writing them a heartfelt thank you message, letting them know how their support has made a difference in your life and career.

5. Set Your Compass For 2024 – And Beyond…

Looking ahead to the New Year, it’s time to set your sights on what lays ahead. As Charles R Synder puts it, it is those who set their intention for the year ahead who go further in their careers (HBR, 2022). Start simple by mapping out your top three goals for 2024, either personally, professionally or a combination of both. By setting clear goals, you give yourself direction and motivation to strive for even greater success in the coming year.

Ending your year on a high is all about reflection, celebration, and planning for the future. It’s not lost on me just how much can happen in a year – and I’m sure you feel the same way, too! So, take the time to identify the moments that have fueled your passion, celebrate your standout achievements, recognise your core strengths, express gratitude to your supporters, and most importantly, set clear goals for the year ahead.

Let’s enter the New Year with renewed energy, purpose, and a positive outlook on your brilliant career. And remember, if you need a guiding hand or a bit of inspiration, the RISE Programs and I are just a thought away.

Cheers to a fabulous year end, and an even more spectacular start to 2024!