4 clever ways to enhance your presence and become more visible at work

Stepping into the corporate scene, many of us were handed the age-old advice: “Work twice as hard.” It’s like the career version of “Eat your greens”. Yes, it’s essential. But you know what? Spinach alone doesn’t cut it. Hard work is vital, but to truly shine, you’ve got to be seen and heard. You need the sparkle! Today I’m going to break down how you can channel your inner Beyoncé at work (minus the wind machine).

Decoding Workplace Visibility

Think of visibility as your VIP ticket in the corporate world. It’s not just about making an entrance, but about being invited to the best events, participating in the groove, and receiving heartfelt applause. Essentially, you want the trifecta: invitation, participation, and validation.

Ever felt like the new girl in school? Yup, that’s how it feels when you’re trying to navigate the waters of corporate visibility. But as with school, it takes more than a shiny lunchbox to fit in – it’s about making real connections.

Why Bother Being Seen?

  1. Influence: Being visible allows you to shape conversations and decisions. It’s not about bossing everyone around (as fun as that might sound!). Instead, it’s about making a positive impact and steering things in a direction that matters.
  2. Opportunities: When you’re visible, doors swing open. You’re in the loop for exciting projects, promotions, and maybe even that corner office with the view.
  3. Networking: With visibility comes the chance to mingle with the who’s who. These are the connections that can make or break a career.
  4. Inclusivity: A visible workspace feels more welcoming. It’s like being in a team where everyone gets a shot at the ball. Research says such environments supercharge commitment and engagement.

Crafting Your Visibility

You can’t just order visibility online (trust me, I know people who have tried!). It’s a collective effort. Having someone in your corner, like a mentor or sponsor, can make a world of difference. Our RISE Programs often emphasise the value of this professional camaraderie.

Now, ponder on these questions, writing down the answers and reflecting as you go:

  • How do colleagues perceive me and my contributions?
  • Is my work linked to company goals, like revenue or culture shifts?
  • When crunch time hits, am I the go-to?
  • Who are the major players at work, and how am I aligned with them?

Visibility In Action:

I’ve been in the career advancement game for a while, and if there’s one thing I’ve picked up, it’s this: hard work is half the equation; the other half is ensuring people actually see it. With that in mind, here are four clever ways to enhance your presence and become the rockstar at work:

Become The Go-To Guru

Make yourself indispensable. This isn’t about taking on every task, but about being the expert in one or two areas. When people think, “Who knows about X?” your name should pop up. Dive deep, become the subject matter expert, and share that knowledge freely. 

Amplify Others (And Yourself)

You know the golden feeling when someone acknowledges your work in a meeting? Spread that joy. Recognising others not only builds trust but also creates an environment where others reciprocate. And yes, don’t be shy to strategically highlight your achievements. As they say, “Achievements without an audience is like scoring a hat trick in an empty stadium… great, but who’s cheering?” 

Network Intelligently

Networking isn’t about collecting business cards, it’s about genuine relationships. Identify influencers in your organisation and connect with them. But here’s the key – don’t stop at the top; horizontal relationships are just as critical. Understand their goals, share yours, and find mutual ground. As I often tell my RISE participants, your network is your net worth.

If you need a hand identifying the key players in your network, I highly recommend downloading our RELATIONSHIP MAP FREE GUIDEwhere I share my system to help you evaluate and identify the relationships you need to succeed at work. A true game changer for anyone looking to increase their visibility!

Embrace Visibility Platforms

Whether it’s spearheading a new initiative, presenting in meetings, or even representing your department in company events, seek platforms that increase your visibility. The stage might be daunting, but it’s where the magic happens. Don’t wait for the platform to come to you; create it if you have to!

Parting Thoughts…

With visibility comes a bit of a spotlight. It’s thrilling but also means there’s no more lurking in the shadows. As you rise, remember: it’s about making lasting impacts. With persistence, your hard work won’t just be something you’re proud of, but something everyone celebrates. So, here’s to stepping out, shining bright, and rising even higher in your career.