Cathy Duvel

Cathy is passionate about enabling people, teams and organisations to cultivate environments that support individuals and groups to become their best and do their best for themselves, their families, communities and businesses.

Incorporating the latest research from neuroscience and the human sciences with leading edge models and processes, Cathy designs and delivers a range of programs tailored to meet the clients’ needs.

She is on the global Faculty for Time To Think and teaches the suite of programs and accreditations from Time To Think in Australia and Asia.

Cathy’s role as consultant, facilitator and coach is to enable each participant to develop their capacity to navigate complex scenarios by cultivating environments that foster independent thinking, teamwork and the achievement of goals.

Together with her participants, she creates relationships built on trust and safety, integrity and mutual respect, which enable clients to confidently explore their strengths and challenges individually, as a team member and as leaders.