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The Joy of Missing Out

In her latest piece on FOMO in the workplace, Gillian explains why missing out doesn’t always mean getting left behind, and how JOMO 'joy of missing out' can help you work more effectively.
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Don’t let perfection paralyse your career

Perfectionism is a liability that many professionals need to grapple with and tame throughout their careers. Gillian shares tips on how to manage these tendencies and stop perfectionism from paralysing your career.
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Not taking things personally at work

 When we interpret the words and actions of others based on our own insecurities, we create a warped reality. Blocking out our negative inner voice is easier in some situations than others, but can be incredibly powerful.
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Working part-time mums

The realities associated with being part-time working parent vary between organisations and individuals – a fact reinforced by the mixed responses I received when I recently quizzed several women on the topic.
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Gen X and Millennials and the power of purpose

Among the many generalisations applied to Millennials is their insistence upon having purpose in their work. According to studies, we all work for the same thing - and it's not just money. It's meaning.
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Your guide to navigating workplace relationships

It’s only natural to develop personal relationships at work. If you work full-time, you probably spend more time with your colleagues than your own family. With this in mind, the relationships you have with colleagues can have a strong bearing on job satisfaction, and are...
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Want to be head hunted?

IT’S one of life’s great ironies that career opportunities tend to arise when we’re not seeking them. Today’s professionals are increasingly finding themselves in this scenario, as recruiters faced with the ongoing shortage of skilled candidates are pushed to take a proactive approach.
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Is it ok to cry at work?

BEING passionate about your job is an asset. Being overly emotional and unhinged in the workplace is a liability. Maintaining a clear distinction between the two can be vital to maintaining professional credibility and a positive reputation.
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How to deal with credit snatchers in the workplace!

IN the words of Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister, there are two kinds of people – those who do the work, and those who take credit.
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The upside to experiencing Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like your achievements are a fluke, or that you’re one conversation away from being outed as a fraud?
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Don’t hit the snooze button – successful morning habits

A POSITIVE morning routine is something many of the world’s successful people have in common.
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Why you need a sponsor

So you have a mentor – but who is your sponsor? Many candidates enrolling in our leadership development programs don’t yet understand the difference – nor why sponsors are so critical to advancement. And yet, asked how they acquired their last two promotions, most say...
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