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Working part-time mum’s

The realities associated with being part-time working parent vary between organisations and individuals – a fact reinforced by the mixed responses I received when I recently quizzed several women on the topic.
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Gen X and Millennials and the power of purpose

Among the many generalisations applied to Millennials is their insistence upon having purpose in their work. In the words of British-American leadership author, Simon Sinek, Millennials want “purpose, impact, free food and beanbags”. The last two items aside, Millennials’ desire for purpose in their work...
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Your guide to navigating workplace relationships

It’s only natural to develop personal relationships at work. If you work full-time, you probably spend more time with your colleagues than your own family. With this in mind, the relationships you have with colleagues can have a strong bearing on job satisfaction, and are...
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Want to be head hunted?

So you have a mentor – but who is your sponsor? Many candidates enrolling in our leadership development programs don’t yet understand the difference
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Is it ok to cry at work?

BEING passionate about your job is an asset. Being overly emotional and unhinged in the workplace is a liability. Maintaining a clear distinction between the two can be vital to maintaining professional credibility and a positive reputation.
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How to deal with credit snatchers in the workplace!

IN the words of Indira Gandhi, former Indian Prime Minister, there are two kinds of people – those who do the work, and those who take credit.
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The upside to experiencing Imposter Syndrome

Ever feel like your achievements are a fluke, or that you’re one conversation away from being outed as a fraud?
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Don’t hit the snooze button – successful morning habits

A POSITIVE morning routine is something many of the world’s successful people have in common.
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Why you need a sponsor

So you have a mentor – but who is your sponsor? Many candidates enrolling in our leadership development programs don’t yet understand the difference – nor why sponsors are so critical to advancement. And yet, asked how they acquired their last two promotions, most say...
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How to successfully navigate office politics

In a country that’s seen five prime ministers in less than ten years, Australians understand better than some that only the most successful political players
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Stand up and be seen without blatant self promotion

A big question for many workers is, “Self-promoting makes me cringe, so how do I make my value visible?” No one likes an office braggart,
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Why leadership is about optimism, energy and owning your own attitude!

Mid-career was traditionally treacherous for female executives as the demands of family encroached. But if a long career can be likened to a marathon, then
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