Jude Allan

Executive Coach Jude Allan partners with executives specialising in leadership development  and behavioral change through improved self-awareness.

Jude Allan is an exceptional Executive Coach, facilitator and a steadfast champion of gender diversity. Jude partners with executives in the Gillian Fox Group specialising in leadership development and behavioural change through improved self-awareness. Drawing on 20 years of experience as a strategic thinker and senior executive in the media industry, Jude supports leaders to step up to the challenges of doing business in increasingly demanding environments.

Jude recognises that every coaching assignment is unique and she enters into dialogue with her coaching counterparts actively listening to uncover stories, patterns and meaning. She strives to deliver coaching outcomes through developing self-awareness and self-belief, and discovery of purpose leading to career advancement and improved leadership capability.

Her methods involve the use of tools and resources developed from a mix of scientifically grounded and evidence based academic research from the fields of psychological science, social science and neuroscience plus long-term pragmatic experience.

As a skilled coach and facilitator, she has a warm, empathic style that enables her to build meaningful relationships with Gillian Fox Group clients. She understands the importance of leaders being accountable to personal and shared business goals and the important part this plays in putting yourself ‘ahead of the game’ in business today.