Career Resilience


The stakes in business are higher than at any time in history. In turn, leaders and their teams are under intense pressure to perform.

The high achievers in this environment recognise that standing still effectively means going backwards. Those who will survive and prosper understand how to keep improving.

Career Resilience helps people develop the clarity and strength to be their best self at work, and maintain mental toughness when tested.

who would

benefit from this program?

This program is for high achievers working in high-pressure environments, who are keen to maximise their impact and results. It’s for people who don’t have time for complex theories, and need practical strategies that deliver calm, certainty and courage.

CAREER RESILIENCE is relevant to industries ranging from media and telecommunications to manufacturing, education and training, finance, insurance and travel.

what does

the program cover?

  • Self-awareness – why do you and your team members behave the way you do, and how this influences your results.
  • High-performance thought strategies – how to incorporate a high-achiever mindset into your role.
  • Values and belief systems – developing belief systems that will improve your effectiveness at work and even in your personal life.
  • How emotional states impact energy levels – using your brain more productively, building influence and positive rapport with colleagues.


Measureable behavioural shifts:

  • A greater level of mental toughness to deal with unexpected business pressures more effectively.
  • High performance strategies to initiate steps towards success.
  • Enhanced courage, confidence and accountability to help you step up to new challenges.
  • Accessing the creativity to find new and different ways to produce better business outcomes.
  • Higher levels of professional integrity and a common language around performance possibilities for participants and their teams.


the program format?

The program includes a one-day face-to-face workshop and a one-hour individual executive coaching session. The one-on-one session builds on the workshop themes, helping participants tailor learnings to achieve results in their own workplace and career.


  • Gillian’s deep commitment to visible results – behavioural and financial – has meant that she is a much admired and respected coach, mentor, advisor and trainer to the entire Leadership Team. Her genuine warm personal support combined with the intellectual capability to introduce innovative frameworks and tools, plus deliver honest feedback, means that we rely on her for a broad variety of critical projects from High-Performance Leadership and Development Programs.

    Managing Director, Mizuho Bank Australia
  • Gillian has been able to quickly and confidently capture the essence of our organisation and turn that into a successful and popular development program that focuses our leadership teams on opportunity and growth. As a result, our managers are more confident and better equipped with the tools necessary to deliver results.

    Managing Director, Viacom
  • Gillian Fox talks the language, understands the business drivers and underlying issues that we have at SBS. Gillian’s offering has been invaluable and the results are seen in our leaders on a day to day basis.

    Human Resources, SBS
  • We needed our Leadership Team to take greater personal ownership of their business units and objectives. We’ve had some great performance shifts from the program and the feedback from the Leadership Team has been extremely positive.

    General Manager, News Advantage Sydney
  • Gillian delivered a development program for our female leaders. The program delivered strong results designed to maximise their impact, without losing any natural flair. I would highly recommend any program that leverages Gillian’s mentoring ability.

    Operations Director Pacific, The Wrigley Company
  • Following Gillian’s workshop, the coffee table discussions lasted a week! One of my team leaders said to me as we walked out that day that he got more out of it than any other training he could recall. I certainly hope to have Gillian back.

    Engineering Director, Queensland Government
  • Gillian helps our next generation of leaders to better position themselves within their team, the broader organisation but also the external market. I would recommend Gillian to any organisation looking to grow their leadership capabilities

    Director Human Resources, Viacom
  • Gillian facilitates and coaches in a way that drives individual results. She is compelling, earnest and connects well with a sophisticated group of senior female professionals. Her program design and delivery has been widely acknowledged by participants as one of the best they’ve participated in

    CEO, Women In Banking and Finance
  • We commissioned Gillian to develop and deliver an executive leadership development program to provide the skills needed to build effective teams, drive individual performance and achieve stronger results.

    Human Resources Manager, Bank Of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, UFJ
  • I found the training outstanding both personally and professionally. For me, it assisted in launching a new product that has wiped out my competitor and turned a department who was missing budget to one that is way ahead

    Classifieds Advertising Manager, The Daily and Sunday Telegraph
  • The group workshops followed by individual coaching sessions with Gillian provided an excellent support framework that will make a difference for [the attendees] and the General Managers they report to.

    Strategy Manager – Corporate Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank
  • Gillian is insightful, intelligent and intuitive in her coaching style. She is serious about exploring how leaders can achieve a higher level of performance in the workplace. Her approach is direct, clear and well-structured.

    General Manager Lifestyle Channels, FOXTEL