Woman of Influence

In Woman of Influence, twelve inspirational female leaders share their career journeys and their valuable insights into women’s career advancement. The stories are personal and practical, with many takeaways that you can apply to your career.

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The truth about office politics

In a country that’s seen five prime ministers in less than ten years, Australians understand better than some that only the most successful political players survive.
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No more work wallflower: how to make your value visible

A big question for many workers is, “Self-promoting makes me cringe, so how do I make my value visible?” No one likes an office braggart, but you can’t keep working incredibly hard hoping effort alone will pay off in the long run.
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Don’t let perfection paralyse your career

Perfectionism is a liability that many professionals need to grapple with and tame throughout their careers. Gillian shares tips on how to manage these tendencies and stop perfectionism from paralysing your career.
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