Woman of Influence

In Woman of Influence, twelve inspirational female leaders share their career journeys and their valuable insights into women’s career advancement. The stories are personal and practical, with many takeaways that you can apply to your career.

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Why are women silent in meetings? 5 tips to speak and be heard.

Many women are reluctant to speak up in meetings. Why is this the case? It’s certainly not for any lack of ambition. So, how can women make sure their valuable voices are heard?
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Why building strategic networks is so important

Building the right network can inspire you to take risks and challenge yourself. The benefit is mutual: most individuals are honoured by your interest. They’ll want to support you, so don’t be afraid to seek counsel from trusted connections.
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3 steps to a modern career plan

The traditional career plan is not only dead, but holding onto past career planning ideals can actually be detriment to your personal advancement at work. It’s time for a new approach when it comes to developing an agile, modern career plan.
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Making a case for a pay increase? Start with a clear reason

For many people, asking for a pay rise is up there with the most awkward conversations to have with your manager. It’s important to start with a clear reason why you should be paid more.
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Women get mentored, men get sponsored

With all the organisational mentoring women receive, why are they still missing out on promotions? And why does mentoring help advance men more than women?
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The upside to experiencing imposter syndrome

Ever feel like your achievements are a fluke, or that you're one conversation away from being outed as a fraud? Well, you’re not alone. Welcome to imposter syndrome, an affliction affecting a great many of us.
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The truth about office politics

In a country that’s seen five prime ministers in less than ten years, Australians understand better than some that only the most successful political players survive.
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No more work wallflower: how to make your value visible

A big question for many workers is, “Self-promoting makes me cringe, so how do I make my value visible?” No one likes an office braggart, but you can’t keep working incredibly hard hoping effort alone will pay off in the long run.
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Don’t let perfection paralyse your career

Perfectionism is a liability that many professionals need to grapple with and tame throughout their careers. Gillian shares tips on how to manage these tendencies and stop perfectionism from paralysing your career.
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