RISE Elite

RISE Elite provides organisations with the tools to support and retain senior female talent (so they don’t opt out) and build inclusive and diverse cultures in the senior ranks.

It is an intensive four-month career coaching program for senior women invested in their careers and future growth. It is limited to an intimate number of women and includes transformational executive coaching sessions, workshops and face-to-face networking sessions.

RISE Elite offers women a safe space where they can unpack their unique challenges and work through them in a supportive environment that wants them to succeed.

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How does the program work?

RISE Elite is different to other women’s career and leadership courses because it provides women with a unique and personal perspective on their own career advancement at the senior level. It also enables them to build a strong community around them that’ll be there for long after the program.

The power of good executive coaching with a female coach whose been in their shoes can’t be underestimated – it provides perspective and knowledge that’s difficult to access from internal sponsors and mentors. Further, it drives accountability, which means they’ll keep pushing forward and getting results, fast.

  • The executive coaching sessions are an opportunity to work 1:1 with an experienced coach that’s invested in their success.
  • The in-person networking events acknowledge the importance of building a trusted community of like-minded women.
  • The planning session and guest speaker acknowledges the importance of strategically owning their career.
  • The group sessions build expertise and knowledge so the women understand how to stay agile, relevant and contemporary as they rise.

Who is it for?

RISE Elite is for senior women with an appetite for their careers. They desire a more comprehensive, integrated program experience that reflects an understanding of their challenges and future ambitions.

The women attracted to RISE Elite will freely say that they are tired of generic career and leadership advice. They desire tailored support and a coach that’s invested in them and their success.

RISE Elite is designed for senior female leaders with ten-plus years of management responsibilities in both private and public companies. It is ideal for senior managers with important cross-functional responsibility, as well as business unit, divisional or regional leaders.

Program outcomes

Rise Elite is a bespoke program. Organisations choose to put their women through RISE Elite because they value female talent and want a program that understands what women need to do at that senior level to progress. Depending on their individual needs, they will learn the following:

  • How to navigate the pressure and step up to new challenges
  • Understand the type of leader she wants to become in this role and beyond
  • How to build guild gravitas and an elevated ‘signature presence’
  • Strategies to manage senior stakeholders more effectively
  • Ways to make their value more visible so their contribution is seen
  • How to attract sponsors and develop a strong network that supports career growth.

The program gave me a strategic view of my career. It helped me crystallise what the future could look like, and the reality of the steps to get there. I feel more excited and equipped for the next phase of my senior leadership career than I have ever felt.

Media Director, ViacomCBS

Did you know?

We know a lack of sponsorship is keeping women from advancing into leadership. We also know the absence of sponsorship has a profound effect on who succeeds and, ultimately who leads at the senior levels of an organisation. despite this, men have twice as many sponsors as women.

CEO of Center for Talent Innovation