RISE Program

RISE is an intensive four-month career and leadership program for women who want to amplify their confidence and rise within their organisation.

Designed for talented females who want to own and accelerate their career.

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How does the program work?

The RISE Program is a combination of group workshops and individual executive coaching lessons with our experienced leadership coaches. It delivers honest, practical insights that help participants maximise their career potential.

In the group workshops, participants interact with other talented, ambitious women at a similar career stage. They learn step-by-step strategies to master the art of effective communication, navigate change and uncertainty, and build employee engagement.

During the two individual executive coaching sessions, participants work closely with their coach to identify their strengths, and articulate their goals and career challenges. Together, they produce and put into action a personalised career development plan.

Who is it for?

Typically, RISE Program participants are aged between 30 and 45. They’re interested in self-improvement, with a strong desire to grow and progress in their career. The skills and strategies taught in the RISE Program are relevant for many industries, from technology and defence to government and finance.

For organisations, supporting employees through the RISE Program helps attract, accelerate and retain female talent while building a leadership pipeline for women.

Program outcomes

  • Knowledge of how to effectively promote yourself, amplify your unique strengths, and advance your career
  • Enhanced confidence, self-awareness and resilience
  • Elevated mindset from day-to-day functions to macro-thinking
  • Greater personal presence in meetings
  • Ability to communicate more confidently

The group workshops followed by individual coaching sessions with Gillian provided an excellent support framework that will make a difference for [the attendees] and the General Managers they report to.

Strategy Manager – Corporate Financial Services, Commonwealth Bank

Did you know?

Having regular conversations that focus on what career development needs are being met, and what areas still need some work, provides employees with a sense of purpose and growth.

Forbes, The Keys to Successful Career Development, 2 December 2019