Frequently asked questions about the program

Frequently asked questions about the program

1. How is this program different to other career programs?

This program is designed specifically for emerging female leaders. It deals only with the challenges that emerging female leaders face in achieving their next promotion, such as finding sponsorship and improving senior stakeholder management.

2. Who are the guest speakers?

Every program includes several highly successful guest speakers. These speakers are seasoned CEOs and company directors, with significant expertise and advice to share.

3. What happens in the coaching sessions? Do I need to prepare anything?

Ahead of your coaching session there’s a comprehensive career questionnaire (that we ask you to fill out honestly). In the session we’ll work through the answers and build an understanding of your career strengths and weaknesses, as well as building a foundation for your career plan.

4. What is the commitment outside the group meetings and coaching session?

Through the program you may be expected to do up to an hour of ‘extension’ work each week. This work will benefit your current job, and will typically involve research and speaking to others in your organisation.

5. Who designs and facilitates the program?

The program is designed and facilitated by Gillian Fox. Gillian is a highly successful business executive, who has worked at NewsCorp and Pacific Magazines, as well as building several large consulting businesses. Click here for more on Gillian.

6. How often does the program run?

The Women’s Career Advancement Program currently runs twice each year.

7. Can I participate if I don't live in Sydney?

Yes, you can participate if you don’t live in Sydney. We also schedule programs in Melbourne. For other areas, coaching sessions can be organised online over Skype or other video conferencing software. Please email to register your interest.

Your current role and other participants

8. How many people attend the program?

Each Women’s Career Advancement Program runs with approximately 15 participants.

9. What level will the other participants be at?

This program is designed specifically for emerging female leaders, who’ve achieved one or two promotions and are looking to grow into an executive leadership role. Typically, participants are aged 25-39.

10. Am I too junior to attend?

If you’re career motivated and have received at least one promotion since starting work, you’re welcome to attend. You can always call us to talk about whether the Women’s Career Advancement Program is right for you.

11. What if I'm a working mum?

Being a working mum is one of the challenges that the Women’s Career Advancement Program has been specifically designed to address. As a working mum you’ll see strong benefits from attending the program.

12. Am I too senior to attend the program?

If you’ve read the program description and think you would benefit from the development areas discussed, you’re welcome to attend (regardless of your age or role). You can always call us to talk about whether the Women’s Career Advancement Program is right for you.

Gaining approval to attend

13. I’m keen to enrol. How do I sell it to my manager?

In 95% of cases, your employer will pay for you to attend the Women’s Career Advancement Program. As a first step you should sit down with your manager to discuss the program. Before your discussion, we suggest you print:

Your most recent performance review, and
The Women’s Career Advancement Program program information guide.
By specifically matching your development areas with the deliverables under this program (page 4) you can easily make a compelling case for attendance.

14. What if I can't get support from my manager?

We suggest you speak to both your direct manager and HR about the alternative ways the company may be able to support you attending the program.

If there’s no way your employer will fund the program, you can always choose to pay program costs personally. We do offer a two part payment plan to attendees personally funding the program.

Payment and logistics

15. How does payment work?

As soon as we receive your application form, we’ll send an invoice to the address or email you nominate. Invoices are payable by bank transfer.

16. Is there a money back guarantee?

You get a 30-day, money-back guarantee when you start the Women’s Career Advancement Program. That means you can try the first two sessions and decide if it’s right for you. As long as you attend all sessions and do the work, we will refund 100% of your payment if you decide that the program isn’t right for you.

 17. Do you offer a payment plan?

We offer a two-part payment plan for attendees who are personally paying program costs. Contact us for more details.

18. What happens if I need to cancel?

We offer a full refund of registration fee with more than 28 days notice, 50% refund of registration fee with 14 to 28 days notice, and no refund of with less than 13 days notice.

19. What if I miss a session

We understand that things happen last minute. Typically we’re able to accommodate you with an alternative session over the next 3-9 months. Contact us and we’ll see what’s possible.